Fashion clothes Florida
(Miami, Palm Beach, ...)

Summer fashion in Miami

Miami summer seems timeless, due to the constant presence of the Sun and endlessly crowded beaches. Miami is a city that is very trendy and fashionable. It is known worldwide for its fabulous beaches, the night life and its phenomena of fashion. This Magical city has become one of the most favoured meeting places for creators, models and fashion professionals, which consequently attracts many tourists throughout the year.

Collections inspired from here and beyond

Unique creations combining tradition and quintessence of style, we break the boundaries by bringing you a European touch to our collections.

We believe in the importance of knowing the provenance of the materials used in our collections. We draw our inspiration from the origins of these fabrics gathered from around the world. We travel the planet in order to import fabrics of the highest quality for the satisfaction of our customers.

We completely respect of the men and women working from A to Z
in the realization of our collections, both ethically and culturally.

Spiritual Journey

MFF takes you on a spiritual journey through the origins of our fabrics.

There is in each one of you a traveller that sleeps silently. We incite you to wake up this dormant passion. Discover the world and its inhabitants by exploring the history of our brand, the origins of our fabrics and the secrets of their manufacturing.

Embark on a sensory Odyssey in search of freedom and adventure taking you to the end of the world, crossing continents, clouds and oceans currents.